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Localizing climate finance: mapping gaps and opportunities, designing solutions

Guidance and systemization of experiences

In order to develop a common language on subnational climate finance and sustainable projects, this report briefly identified the relevant issues (carbon taxes and incentives, carbon markets, green bonds etc., or sectorial funding models) related to these themes, brought new solutions and underlined the existing opportunities to innovate in terms of Climate finance. The intended outcome of this work is to reinforce convergence of effort and cooperation between CCFLA members and other key climate finance stakeholders. This publication is furthermore an open invitation to CCFLA members to get involved in further detailed analysis so as to enhance its value to Members and help mobilize CCFLA Members to work more closely and creatively together.


Connecting Universities to Regional Growth: A Practical Guide. A guide to help improve the contribution of universities to regional development, with a view to strengthening economic, social and territorial cohesion, in a sustainable way

Available in English

This EU Guide “Connecting Universities to Regional Growth” has been designed to enable public authorities to promote the active engagement of universities and other higher education institutions in re...

Developed by European Commission (EC)

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Guidance and systemization of experiences

Advocacy and Lobbying by a Local Government Association

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Decentralisation of public functions and resources brings government closer to local people. Decentralisation allows them greater influence on how government is exercised locally. Decentralisation doe...

Developed by VNG International

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Guidance and systemization of experiences

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